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Vol. 54

Teachings of Shri Mahayogi:

Satsangha in New York: February 23, 2019

This is Yoga!

The Three Great Treasures Taught by Shankaracharya

To Remove Karma, Remove the Cause

To Experience the Truth is to Experience
What’s Beyond the Phenomena of the World


Past Lives

Conquer the Mind with Steady Practice and Pure Faith

Truth is One

Meditation on Death

Truth is One but is Expressed Variously

Wanting to be Loved vs True Love

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners

Latu, who was Guided by
Shri Ramakrishna to Become a Servant of God
Speech from Sanatana Dharma Avatara Mela by Anandi

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Teachings of Shri Mahayogi:

Satsangha in New York: February 23, 2019

For today’s Satsangha, there are a number of attendees who will be meeting Shri Mahayogi for the first time. Some, having arrived early, are waiting in quiet anticipation, not knowing quite what to expect. There is an air of excitement in the room. Others who are just arriving are at once drawn into a similar mood upon entering the space. The space itself is elegantly set, the bright warmth of the orange backdrop welcomes the guests and the stillness of the scene provides an immediate refuge from the busy streets of New York City just below, drawing the minds of those who are gathering into a place of ease. It is as if the space is setting the tone that this is a simple gathering, yet a gathering of great importance, not to be taken casually.

Among those who are about to meet Shri Mahayogi for the very first time are Reyla, a co-worker of Sadhya, Danielle, a co-worker of Prapatti, Cristina and Cristian, friends of Ekanta from Romania, Hermonie, the girlfriend of Aniruddha, as well as Stacy and Hendrick, who are Aniruddha’s sister-in-law and brother. Alex, who has met Shri Mahayogi in several Satsangha over the past two years and who attends Asana and Meditation class from time to time has also come, as well as Dheeraj, who has become a regular presence during Shri Mahayogi’s visit this time.

Upon lightly entering, the Master takes his seat upon the slightly raised platform and all are drawn in and quieted by his distinct, unwavering, and humble presence.

Shri Mahayogi offers to accept questions, but attendees seem a little nervous to speak, so Prapatti begins Satsangha with a request from Shri Mahayogi to introduce to all who have gathered what Yoga really is. From there, the questions arise naturally and rapidly without break until it is well past time to end.

This is Yoga!

Prapatti: Just for the newcomers, would Shri Mahayogi talk about Yoga, the real Yoga, since it may be their first time hearing about that.

MASTER: In modern times, what is reputed to be Yoga has spread throughout the world, and most people may perceive asana to be Yoga. However, asana is but a mere part of Yoga. What is the purpose of Yoga? It is to know the Truth and to realize It. What is the Truth? It is not the happiness or freedom that you can acquire in this material world—because whatever kinds of happiness you gain in this world, they are all imperfect and limited; they are not real. Then, where are the things that are real, and what in the world are they? If it is just a question of understanding philosophical matters or religious perspectives, then that is nothing different from intellectual knowledge. [However], it cannot be the case that [the Truth] is dependent on something else. The real thing must be independent in and of itself—because if something is dependent on something else, as soon as the thing it is dependent upon changes or is destroyed, then both are gone, which means that it would be false. This perfect existence has been called “God” or “the Truth” since ancient times. Now, the real issue is, what is that? Since five thousand years ago, in the East, especially in India, this has been a question that has been passionately pursued. Then, a few pioneers discovered It, realized It, and taught It. [The teaching and practice of disciplines] to realize the Truth and, at the same time, that Truth itself began to be called Yoga. Throughout these thousands of years since then, what one can do to realize the Truth—the teachings and some approaches or ways by which anyone can realize It—have been offered.

The Truth is already within everyone. And It pervades this entire universe. The world is constantly changing, and things are born and die constantly, in continuous repetition. Yet there is something that has never changed and continuously exists. There is absolutely no doubt that it exists in everyone’s heart. As the Awakened Beings continued this inquiry, they also realized why that Truth was not known. There was some kind of obstacle that was generated as if to obstruct or hide the Truth. That is the mind. (smiling) Especially through the five senses, the mind becomes interested in and seeks out objects in this world; it desires to attach to various things. Without knowing the Truth, the mind takes the incorrect view of the wrong things. As a result of this, life ends in suffering. (after a slight pause) Somewhere there is a mistake. The cause of those attachments within the mind must be where the errors occurred. [These errors] are called ignorance. Ignorance is not knowing the Truth and instead having the wrong view, [which causes one to perceive things incorrectly]: it is deceiving yourself into thinking as if this world is eternal and perfect, making yourself think of acquiring happiness or freedom within it; it is thinking that the ego, which is one of the pillars that constitutes the mind, is yourself; it is, despite seeking happiness and hoping to create or gain happiness and making efforts to do so, instead finding that the result is suffering—all these are results that have ignorance as their cause. Indeed, you must find the true Self, not the false or unreal self. As I just said, the mind, the ego, is not the Self. Actually, it is easy to prove this even now. Look at your own mind. Do you notice that there is a Consciousness that sees the mind, that is further beyond the mind? The mind thinks and feels various things and it is constantly changing and moving. Yet, the Consciousness that is witnessing the mind is always constant, the same. It is the Pure Consciousness—it simply witnesses the mind, and knows the changes of the mind. And this world is perceived by the mind. The mind and the world establish one another in tandem. However, the Pure Consciousness has nothing to do with them. It just knows, It just sees. It is just like light. (small pause) The mind appears in front of the source of light, and then the world develops. If there is no light, neither the mind nor the world exist. However, the mind thinks that the mind is perceiving itself (smiling). Yes, that is a big mistake. Therefore, what you must do is clean the mind, make the mind clear as if it is transparent, release it from the various desires and attachments. In order to do that, you must learn the right Truth. Furthermore, it is said that “our life reincarnates.” Even among siblings or twins, their paths in life differ. There must be a cause for that. Even though they grow up in exactly the same environment, the results are different. Their deaths are different. In order to find the causes of these differences, you have to search for the cause in the past life. It is understood that we are born to reap the results of our past lives. “You shall reap what you have sown”—yes, it is exactly about that teaching. This is a very important teaching: the law of karma. Karma means action. It includes actions using the body, or actions through words and through thoughts. These are the causes that bring about results. That is why it is necessary to correct your actions in accordance with the Truth. Yoga is not something that can be realized just by sitting around and meditating (laughing and smiling). [In order to realize Yoga,] you must completely clear away the karma that lies invisible within the mind and the causes thereof. Yet, it is not that difficult. To eliminate selfish actions based on ego, to act for making others happy as much as possible, or to serve—those are the basis. It is the teaching of “love thy neighbors.” (smiling) And, as I mentioned earlier, you learn the Truth and train through using the body a little.

Probably, among the systems of spiritual culture, Yoga may be the only one that has such scientific methods. [The reason for that] is that it’s very difficult to immediately control the mind. However, [a hint lies in the fact that] the mind and the breath have a very close connection. In more detail, this refers to prana, the power that flows through the breath. Prana is the power that moves this universe, all things, the workings of the mind—everything. That is why it could be referred to as “life energy,” or “cosmic energy.” It even moves both the mind and the body. Practitioners of Yoga discovered that by controlling the prana, the mind can be controlled. They further found that in order to control prana, it’s easier to control the body first. That is how various forms of asana were created. Through practicing asana, the body gradually becomes healthier and purified; prana fills up the body and the breath becomes controlled. Once the breath is controlled, then constant calmness of the mind will be created, and you will no longer be agitated by various emotions or external stimuli. In this way, the mind can be completely transformed. Having that mind, you can sharpen and deepen your concentration and meditation.

What you must know, in other words, is that the object of meditation is, “Who am I?”—and as I said earlier, that is the pure Consciousness, that is Eternal Existence. That is the Reality that is certain. Everything else, even the entirety of the cosmos, constantly changes and repeats the cycle of birth and death. Yet this Existence was never born and will never die. It is always the same—existing. That Existence is everyone’s true Self. It is the Existence that ancient people called “God.” Even the people in the modern age call it God as well (smiling). (A new attendee smiles.) Yes, this is Yoga! (Shri Mahayogi laughs with a full smile. And responding to Shri Mahayogi, who passionately spoke about Yoga, all laugh joyously with amazement.)

It’s been a long explanation, (smiling) however, since these are very important concepts, I spoke about them in such a way that hopefully you can understand them easily.

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The Three Great Treasures Taught by Shankaracharya

Sadhya: It seems that it is quite difficult to meet the Master, or one who has mastered Yoga in this way. And sometimes even though we hear about the Master, and it is easy to come to see you, it seems that it is hard at the same time…meaning the idea of “meeting a master” is so unknown, and not that many actually make the effort or take the chance to do so. Or sometimes, one may be unexpectedly presented with certain challenges that must first be overcome. Why is that and how should we understand this?

MASTER: Around the 8th century in India, there was a great Holy Being that appeared. His name was Shankaracharya. He said something very important, so I would like to borrow his words to answer this.

“There are three very precious treasures in this world.” First, “to be born a human being.” Reincarnation does not necessarily mean that you are born only as a human being. At times, you can be a dog, or an earth worm, (Shri Mahayogi laughs and everyone bursts into laughter), a plant; there is a possibility that you can incarnate into anything from life to life. It is said that only human life, compared to the other living bodies, surpasses all others. Other life forms simply go on fulfilling past karma, whereas only humans can choose various options within their lifetimes. That is the ultimate joy of being born a human being.

Second, “to actually have the desire to seek the Truth arise.” There are times when people are born with that kind of ambition from the beginning due to the good karma from their past lives. In other cases, the mind of inquiry for the Truth arises while going through the experiences of life, beginning to question that something is missing in life—what is the real Truth? Whatever the case might be, it is to have this desire to look for something that is reliable, something that is certain in this uncertain world.

Third, “to be able to meet a Guru.” The Truth cannot be taught in the scholarly or academic fields of this world. Also, [it cannot be taught by] people who are at the level of superficial knowledge. Only those who realize the Truth can teach It. That existence is the Guru. Oftentimes the word Guru is translated as a teacher, however, (smiling) it is not the same meaning as a regular teacher in a school at all. The existence who has the ability to offer salvation to the disciple, as well as to all living beings, and has the role of cultivating the disciples is called a Guru. Therefore, to have met a Guru can be said to be the most precious treasure of these “three treasures” that enable one to strive for and actualize the Truth, which means success in this life, [because the reason we were born is to realize the true Self].

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To Remove Karma, Remove the cause

Reyla: When we pay off the karma in this life, why do we have to be reborn again?

MASTER: No one knows how much karma you have left over. In this lifetime, you are only allocated what is necessary. That karma will be resolved or consumed. However, you need to be careful because there is the possibility of creating new karma. Therefore, although karma is invisible, you must work to eliminate it at any rate. In order to do that, it is crucial to eliminate the cause of karma—that is, ignorance. As opposed to ignorance, you should act according to the Truth or the teachings of Truth as much as possible. Then karma will surely be lessened.

Reyla: How do you know when you reach purification?

MASTER: You will definitely know when that happens! (Laughter from all.)

Reyla: Can you have more than one spiritual awakening?

MASTER: Many small insights can happen over time. I think that through these, too, each time karma and ignorance can be lessened. Then, you will be able to realize the great Satori or Enlightenment.

Reyla: Thank you.

Prajna: Shri Mahayogi, (bows to the Master) is it correct to understand that in non-human lives one is merely resolving previous karma?


Prajna: But then is it only when in a human body that one can generate new karma?


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To Experience the Truth is to Experience
What’s Beyond the Phenomena of the World

Cristian: I ask why we are learning so much from suffering instead of learning to understand and accept it? Why are all these teachings about trying to get rid of it and run away from it so fast like it’s something bad?

MASTER: No, it’s not about escaping suffering. It is about battling suffering.

Cristian: Why?

MASTER: There is always a cause for suffering.

Cristian: Ok, so happiness is not part of suffering too?

MASTER: They are two sides of the same coin, such is the happiness of this world.

Cristian: But all these teachings are trying to make us feel spiritually evolved in order to see the Truth, right? But is it now like we are just seeing things from another side? Because right now suffering is seeing from one side and the Truth is seeing from the other side. I think it is just another perspective.

MASTER: That is so.

Cristian: So why is the Truth better than the way we see that suffering?

MASTER: There is no one who wants to suffer.

Cristian: Why? There are good things in suffering too. It makes us who we are as humans.

MASTER: No, you have to confirm whether suffering is real or not.

Cristian: Even if it is not real, it still gives birth to something fabulous. Look what humankind has achieved in the past years, all of those creations are because of our nature. So, I don’t see anything bad.

MASTER: Yes, that is something that happened in this world. That is exactly so.

Cristian: Why do we try to escape?

MASTER: These things are constantly changing, and the things that are good also will continue to change to better.

Cristian: (A little pause) It doesn’t answer my question.

MASTER: No, it does not. I am talking about the real thing, the Truth, the Eternal Existence. You are only talking about phenomena within the constantly changing world.

Cristian: Yes, and why is it so bad to live in this suffering world instead of… Why is Eternal Life much better than the suffering world?

MASTER: (Immediately) Because that is the Truth. (Smiling) (Many attendees laugh joyfully.) You don’t understand the meaning of Truth to begin with.

Cristian: But this life is also truth. Suffering is also truth.

MASTER: (Immediately) No, these are just phenomena. Both suffering and pleasures, they are only temporary phenomena.

Cristian: What’s wrong with temporary? I think this thing of being temporary and not being forever makes us who we are—we appreciate things more.

MASTER: You are simply talking about phenomena in this world, and this is completely unrelated to the Truth that I am talking about.

Prajna: Shri Mahayogi, because this intuition that the impermanent still has preciousness is something that I also have struggled with a lot. I feel that the heart of the problem is connected to the aphorism “ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power.” While we approach our ignorance from our perspective, it can seem like bliss. But eventually, even if the dream is pleasurable and present, at some point we have to choose to wake up. Because the nature of sleep is a deluded nature, and we all know this from our own experiences of sleep. So, at the heart of this, when starting on the path of spiritual progress, we have to recognize that the Truth is worth giving up pleasures and pains because it is the Truth. So, the first part of the practice is to figure out for yourself whether you think that really is the Truth in your heart, and perceive from there. And I think that is why Shri Mahayogi teaches us that one of the things that we can develop in meditation is the question, “What is Truth?” Perhaps Shri Mahayogi could expand on that a little bit. It will be helpful for all of us.

MASTER: Yes, that’s exactly it. Even for what we call “absolute” or “absolute Truth,” these are words that we use to express It in this relative world—just like [the words] “suffering” or “pain” or “happiness.” Truly authentic Truth cannot be described, or words cannot reach It. And in Truth there is no dualistic concept either. It is something that you must realize through experiencing it yourself. You can do it! Because the Truth is already within. Because you are That. I am That. You are That too, you are also That (looking at each one, smiling)—the same. (smiling)

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Nandiswara: What is the reason that this one single existence, or God, manifests itself into all individual beings?

MASTER: Several theories about this have been introduced up to this point, and from among them the prevailing one is as follows: long ago before this universe began, there was only True Existence. In order to enjoy more, He developed the world and became all things. Therefore, all things and the universe, the whole of everything is the manifestation of True Existence itself for the sake of tasting the Joy called Bliss.
However, ignorance entered into the mind that was given to the human being and into this relative world, and therefore with the mind not knowing this Truth, the Truth was forgotten. So, one correct way of viewing this is to eliminate the ignorance that entered in as an error in the beginning, then awaken into the original divine Existence and love each other, rejoice in one another, and enjoy this world. This is called Lila or God’s Play (smiling).

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Past Lives

Cristina: How do we get access to our past lives?

MASTER: If you have read the ancient scripture called the Yoga Sutra, there is a method described by which one can come to know one’s own past lives. According to that, if you practice non-greed completely and thoroughly, then you will be able to know back to three lifetimes.

Cristina: So, before our spirit is reincarnated into this world…some spirits make a contract, right?…to reincarnate in this world, right?…and forget about the Truth. Is that true?

MASTER: (laughing) It’s not a contract (smiling). It is, so to speak, that one is born with the mind being like a covering over the Truth or the spirit.

Cristina: So, before or…?

MASTER: At the time of birth.

Cristina: So, at the time of birth, basically you forget, the mind takes over and you forget about the Truth.

MASTER: Yes, exactly.

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Conquer the Mind with Steady Practice and Pure Faith

Ms. M: Shri Mahayogi, I am having trouble doing asana because of a flashback of a traumatizing memory that comes up in one certain pose. Does the body remember trauma? How can I conquer this? How can I conquer this mind, this agitation in my mind? I must conquer it.

MASTER: (After some silence) Most memories are workings of the mind. However, the body too has some fragments of memory. If you do not want to trigger the negative memory, then better not to perform that asana.

Ms. M: Is there any way for me to move past that, so I can do that asana?

MASTER: By practicing other asana, or by deepening your meditation, the memory should subside. And, cultivate your faith more, pure faith, and practice meditation diligently.

Ms. M: Thank you.

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Truth is One

Reyla: Can there be more than one independent Truth? I think about my sister and she is bi-polar. So, I wonder if she can ever achieve the Truth.

MASTER: The Truth is one. And whether it is present, past or future, It never changes. For a case like that of your sister, in order to improve her condition, I think that if she takes the approach of practicing asana [regularly], taking a more vegetarian-based diet, eating meals regularly, and eating in small portions, her condition will be gradually improved.

Reyla: So, they have to choose. One is… Two truths cannot be a possibility?

MASTER: It is impossible [to have two Truths]. Truth is one. (Smiling immensely. Attendees are smiling too.) No matter how the color of skin, the religion, or the race may all differ, the Truth is the same. (Smiling immensely.)

Danielle: What is the source of this Truth, the higher consciousness, the pure consciousness?

MASTER: I call the source itself, meaning the Pure Consciousness, Immortal Existence, the Eternal Existence. And, the word “higher consciousness” that you mentioned is the word that was created by the New Age [Movement].

Danielle: So, it is the source itself (smiling).

MASTER: Right, right. (smiling)

Danielle: Alright.

Prajna: The word “eternal” means “without source” when we think about it.

Master: That is right. (smiling)

Prajna: It has to be eternal in every direction, therefore it cannot have words that indicate a beginning and it cannot have a source, therefore eternal is source-less.

MASTER: Right. (smiling)

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Meditation on Death

Alex: Can you please explain the importance of meditating on death? Maybe explaining a little more in detail about the method if there is any special method.

MASTER: It is likely that the biggest fear and suffering that human beings have is about “death.” That is because the mind has not been able to understand “death,” even though it has experienced deaths repeatedly again and again over [reincarnations]. Death is really a big issue that is a tremendous pressure for the mind—that’s because it is, so to speak, closely connected to the reason for the existence of the mind. Even if you tell the mind, “Well if you die, you will be born again,” the mind is never comforted. This is because the attachment to various people and things in this world is that huge. These [conditions] change and will eventually be gone, or perhaps there are things that have already gone, however the mind can’t relinquish them completely. [The mind fears death] because the mind is anxious about the mind’s own existence. In other words, as long as you identify yourself with the mind, it is unknown what will happen to your “self,” which is why you have fear. Therefore, the meditation on death is closely connected to the meditation of inquiry about “who am I?”

Meditation on death is one of the most powerful meditations. [The way to practice it is to] bring up the image of death as something that approaches you so closely, or to bring the image of death right in front of you, and then gather your concentration on it. Concentrate on death single-mindedly. “Who is dying?” [When death comes] the body stops moving. “How about the mind? What would happen to the mind?” “What about the people who are left on the earth, what will my loved ones do?” “Will the world continue after I die?” In any case, the anxiety is about death itself and that it is unknown what will happen to the “self.” “Is it ‘I’ that is dying? Then who is that ‘I’?” From that point, the object of concentration shifts from “death” toward the true “Self.” In this way, continue deepening into it until reaching the point where [the false identity] is dissolved: “the ‘me’ of the mind, the ego or the ‘I’ that the mind asserts is not the true Self.” Once that has completely vanished, the true Self awakens by itself.

This teaching does not only apply to him, but you should all try—it applies to all of you. (smiles)

Prajna: So, the purpose of the meditation on death is not actually to discover what happens in death, but rather to kill off the part that is obscuring the true Self.

MASTER: That is right. The issue is, “Who is dying? (smiling)”

Prajna: Yes, separating what can die from what cannot.


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Truth is One but is Expressed Variously

Badhra: The non-Avarata, like Vivekananda, or Yogananda—it’s not clear to me from reading from them that they actually knew the Truth. They don’t speak the same way that Christ and others who are considered Avatara speak, with a greater sort of understanding. Somebody like Vivekananda to me is a Saint, but it’s not clear to me that he realized the Truth. He doesn’t speak the same way as those who I believe to be Avatara, like Christ or Ramakrishna. So, I am curious whether they actually realized.

MASTER: Yes, I am certain that they have realized [the Truth]. The reason why there are different ways of expression found in their teachings that they left is because there are teachings aimed towards different people, perhaps, in other words, you may say the teachings are according to the different stages of people [within their spiritual development], so they may appear to be different.

Badhra: Thank you.  

MASTER: Today, I have spoken on a variety of topics. It is already time to end [for today].

(Some attendees who have been captivated by the exchange between Shri Mahayogi and those asking questions express their surprise that Satsangha has come to an end so soon. Then one last question is accepted.)

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Wanting to be Loved vs True Love

Aniruddha: What is love exactly? What is love? I have to ask this question because there are a few occasions that I hear myself subconsciously saying that I want to be loved.

MASTER: Having the thought of “wanting to be loved” is a selfish love. To serve for the sake of others, to make them happy, is the true Love. Then, let’s end [the Satsangha] now for today. (smiling)

Jai Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa Ki, Jai!

Om Tat Sat, Om!

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Testimonies from Actual Practitioners:


Latu, who was Guided by
Shri Ramakrishna to Become a Servant of God

Speech from Sanatana Dharma Avatara Mela by Anandi
April 2019

During the summer of 2009, on the last day of my stay in New York, I said to Shri Mahayogi: “Even after being by Shri Mahayogi’s side for as long as three months I could not eliminate my ego.” Shri Mahayogi gently responded, “Do you remember Shri Ramakrishna too said, ‘It’s difficult to get rid of the ego; therefore, become a servant of God.’”

A servant of God… At that time, it sounded vague, but I finally began to understand a little bit of the deep meaning of that teaching.

Shri Ramakrishna’s direct disciples were all truly fascinating and unique in their own ways. Among them, I have always felt a mysterious connection to Latu, who gave up everything to God as His servant, and I have always tried to emulate the way he lived. How did Shri Ramakrishna guide Latu to become a servant of God?

Latu was an orphan, and through a serendipitous connection he met Shri Ramakrishna, thoroughly practiced absolute obedience to his Guru, and served the Master humbly, brimming with love and joy. Latu came to Dakshineswar wanting to become the servant of the Master, but in turn, the Master taught him the spiritual disciplines.

The Master often told Latu, “Keep your mind always pure. Do not let defilements enter into it.” Latu practiced exactly as he was taught, continuously chanting the name of God, and eventually becoming absorbed into deep meditation.

Such a single-minded character Latu was, but we can see from a few episodes that we know about him that his personality was such that he could easily become emotional.

One day, there was a very unruly devotee in Dakshineswar. Latu could not contain himself and scolded this devotee harshly. When the devotee went home, the Master told Latu, “You must not use harsh words to anyone in a holy place. They are bothered by their suffering from worldly problems. If they get scolded about their shortcomings when coming here, where else can they go?” The Master then said, “Tomorrow, go visit him and talk to him so that he can forget the words you told him today.” Latu obeyed exactly what he was told by the Master and visited this devotee the next day. When Latu returned, the Master asked him, “Did you tell him I send my regards?” Latu was shocked to hear the Master’s words and answered that he had not done so. The Master said then, “Go back to him again and tell him that I send him my regards.” Latu immediately went back to that devotee. As he conveyed the Master’s regards to that devotee, that devotee began crying. Seeing this, Latu too was very moved. When Latu returned, the Master said, “Now your mistake is forgiven.”

It was not just a mere message, but the love from the Master that instantly eliminated the suffering of the devotee, and at the same time, Latu, who corrected his attitude, was also forgiven. In order to deepen one’s love for God, one must get rid of conceit and be humble. The Master knows everything about the past, present and future of a disciple, and he is always helping the disciple by swiftly removing the cause of suffering so that the disciple can move forward without getting caught up by the past. Through the guidance of the Master, Latu’s life became a training ground for him to become the loyal servant of God.

Ever since I was given this teaching in New York, I’ve often said, “I want to become a servant of God.” But I confess that as I saw the senior disciples devote their entire bodies, lives and souls to the work of the Mission, I had struggles as to whether I could devote myself to that extent. Then, several years after I made a determination to emulate Latu, an incident made me seriously question myself and come face to face with how truly I wanted to live my life according to this. The answer was already clear.

“If I cannot transmit the Yoga that Shri Mahayogi teaches, then there is no point to my life!” I had only that burning thought. When I thought my life was mine, I felt pain, but as I understood that it belonged to God, suffering disappeared. I want to serve the God that is within everyone and everything!—I was convinced that to me this was more important than my own life.

Shri Ramakrishna, who was an Avatara, that is, the existence that is pure and undefiled, in order for his disciples or people to awaken to spirituality, he instantly penetrated into their character and granted them the most optimal, fastest pathway for them. Latu was guided to the state where his life was most brilliant by becoming the servant of God, rather than a simple servant. The great fortune of having the contact with Shri Ramakrishna made many people’s spirituality awaken. That work, through Pure Love, has blessed not only his disciples but all people and all things, and It goes beyond time and space, continuing to expand across the world, and even now It is powerfully guiding our souls to God.

I realize that just as how Latu was called to action by Shri Ramakrishna, I myself who have been trying to emulate Latu, have also been guided by Shri Ramakrishna to love God and to become a servant of God!

I believe that the Avatara know the true wishes that are deep within the minds of the disciples, more than the disciples themselves. It is Shri Mahayogi who granted me at the most perfect moment the teaching of Shri Ramakrishna: “To become a servant of God.” This blessing was given to me, the one who could not understand the teaching of Yoga deeply and was disappointed in herself that she could not get rid of the ego. And, by trying to understand the true significance of this guidance to become the “servant of God” through getting closer to the Avatara who lived over 150 years ago in India, after 10 years of making efforts, I finally understood that “what I must do” and “what I want to do” have exactly corresponded to each other. To serve God abiding within everyone and everything—that is, to transmit Sanatana Dharma by becoming One with God! That is what I wished for more than anything. It is the state of bliss—Anandi!!!

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