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1. Purpose

This Legal Notice is to set forth the standards, manner of access and use of the contents of the subscription-based digital publication, Pranavadipa (© 2014-2020 MAHAYOGI YOGA MISSION, INC.), currently accessed via, (hereafter the “MYM Website”) belonging to the Mahayogi Yoga Mission, Inc. (hereafter, “MYM”). By clicking on the URL or address of this site and accessing it, the Subscriber agrees to the terms and conditions set out below. Any Subscriber who does not agree with these terms and conditions, should exit the Mission Website immediately.

2. Web Access and Use

Subscribers will be assigned a User ID and Password. Such IDs and passwords will belong exclusively to the Subscriber to whom they are assigned and are not transferrable. The Subscriber agrees that securing his or her ID and Password is their sole responsibility. The Subscribers must protect and ensure the confidentiality of their IDs and passwords and assumes any and all responsibility for any harm, damage or consequence which might result from their disclosure to third parties.

3. Use of Information

The intellectual property rights to the information, data, content, databases, designs, source code, navigational structure and other services and products included in the Mission Website are the exclusive property of Mahayogi Yoga Mission, Inc. By entering and using this site, the Subscriber agrees not to violate any industrial or intellectual property rights protected by the law of any state or of the United States of America, or by any international treaty to which the United States of America and/or Japan is a party. The Subscriber agrees not to copy or misappropriate any material, information, data, content, databases, designs, source code, navigational structure and other services and products, in whole or in part, nor to publicly communicate, use or distribute these in any manner without MYM´s express written permission. The Subscriber agrees to use the information and services contained in the Mission Website solely for his or her own spiritual development and not for any direct or indirect commercial use without first obtaining MYM´s express written permission. The Subscriber further agrees not to use any Mission Website feature or capacity to conduct or suggest activities that are prohibited by law, and further agrees not to attempt to attract Mission Website Subscribers to other competing services.

4. Mission Website Functioning

At any time, and for any reason, MYM may discontinue or modify all or part of the Mission Website in any manner that, in its sole discretion, MYM may choose including, but not limited to, the elimination or addition of any service or content that differs from or supplements what is currently available.

5. Copyrights

Mahayogi Yoga Mission, Inc. owns the copyrights to all the content presently appearing on the Mission Website, as well as such additional content as may be uploaded onto the Mission Website from time to time on a continuing basis. The Subscriber agrees not to use the Mission Website, or any part of its content, to violate any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging or assigned to MYM. The Subscriber agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless MYM, its affiliates, members, directors, officers, employees, agents, and assigns, from and against any claim or loss connected to the Subscriber ‘s violation of any right of privacy, patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property or proprietary right associated with this website. The Subscriber may not reproduce, communicate, exploit or use MYM’s intellectual property in any manner without prior written permission, or permission from the corresponding holder of rights affected by the Subscriber’s activities.

6. Ethical Responsibility: Use of Internet and the Mission Website

The Subscriber agrees not to disable, modify or destroy by any means any online program or document belonging to MYM or to the Mission Website. The Subscriber further agrees not to introduce or transmit into the Mission Website any program, virus, applet or any physical or electronic instrument that may cause or be liable to cause any type of alteration of the Internet, the Mission Website, MYM computers or third-party computers. The Subscriber agrees not to erase or modify email messages belonging to others, send bulk mailings that promote commercial or public relations purposes, or engage in any activity or practice that violates generally accepted principles of acceptable behavior among Internet users. The Subscriber agrees not to hold MYM responsible for any damage or malfunction to the Subscriber’s computer or computer system resulting from the Subscriber’s access to the MYM’s Website.

7. Confidentiality and Personal Data

Through Paypal, a secure online financial service, MYM maintains an automated file containing only the Subscriber’s name, physical address, email address, description of item purchased and its cost. This limited amount of information is necessary for MYM to process and deliver customer orders. Paypal does not share financial information with MYM, and MYM neither captures financial information by any method nor does MYM maintain it in any form. Some or all of the limited personal data that a Subscriber may submit to the Mission Website is used by MYM to improve delivery of information related to the teachings of Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, Mahayogi Yoga Mission, Raja Yoga, Yoga practice, Truth or Enlightenment, asana classes, meditation, satsangha and MYM products and services. These products and services include, but are not limited to, videos, articles, books and publications, training programs, and other not-for-profit or commercial promotions. MYM does not disclose, or cause to be disclosed to any third party, financial institution or person, any Subscriber information submitted to MYM. MYM is committed to protecting the Subscriber’s personal data and to preventing it from being altered, lost, misused, accessed without authorization or stolen.

8. Completion of Forms

When ordering products or services through the Mission Website, non-completion or partial completion of the personal data requested in any online form may render MYM unable to fill an order. To enable MYM to send its merchandise quickly and efficiently, the Subscriber is urged to take the necessary time and care to fill in the requested information correctly.

9. Cookies

MYM does not use or install cookies on a Subscriber’s computer. Cookies are small text files that the browser stores on the computer´s hard drive. When the Subscriber visits the webpage, the server can recognize this cookie which provides information about the Subscriber’s last visit. Most browsers permit cookies to be used automatically. For, where Pranavadipa is hosted, read more about’s Privacy Policy and details on how WordPress maintains cookies.

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