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The Light of Resounding Truth


Pranavadipa is an annual web-based publication that provides access to the 12 most recently published monthly volumes. It aims to bring the precious teachings spoken by Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa—one who abides in Oneness—into the reach of readers far and wide to support them in their spiritual practice, as they too aim for that state of Oneness. The sacred pranava (primordial and sacred vibration of Oneness) that reverberates within his every word has the power to ignite the light of Truth within all of our hearts.


The teachings of Yoga (Dharma), timeless in nature, have been transmitted throughout the ages by great Holy Beings (Buddha), those who abide in the state of Oneness, the state of Yoga, as every detail of their existence—their words, their actions, and even their silence—is filled with this pranava, which itself has the power to transcend time, space, body and mind.

What makes this publication truly unique is that it allows readers to experience the completeness of the Three Jewels that Buddha taught—the Buddha (the Awakened Master), the Dharma (the teaching of Truth), and the Sangha (the company of fellow practitioners)—in each and every volume.

  • the direct teachings of Shri Mahayogi in the form of transcribed Satsangha (question and answer between seekers and the Master) that range a wide variety of topics related to spiritual practice and its application in daily life (Buddha and Dharma)
  • a testimonial writing from a practitioner who is actively practicing and applying these teachings in their daily life (Sangha)

Our great hope is that through deep study and application of the material published in Pranavadipa, no matter the living situation or condition, each reader can begin to push beyond mere intellectual understanding of the teaching, and begin to experience and realize the depth and preciousness of what Yoga, as transmitted by all the great Holy Beings, really is.


Published by the Mahayogi Yoga Mission, New York.

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