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Vol. 34

Teachings of Shri Mahayogi:

Special Satsangha in Taiwan:
The First Satsangha of Four From Shri Mahayogi’s Very First Visit

The Truth of God

The Blueprint of Life

Awaken to the Pure Consciousness

The Origin of All Things

The Study, Training and Practice of Yoga; Guru

The Level of Earnest Seriousness Needed to Seek the Truth

Ignorance That Covers the Truth and the Control of the Mind

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners

• A Gift for Taiwan
by Prasadini, July 2017

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Teachings of Shri Mahayogi:

Special Satsangha in Taiwan:
The First Satsangha of Four From Shri
Mahayogi’s Very First Visit

Translation of Satsangha
Space Yoga, Taipei, May 11, 2017

The first day of Satsangha in Taipei was held at the yoga center where Prasadini works. There were many participants, including people who attend the classes she teaches there, as well as those whose curiosity was sparked through word of mouth, flyers, or social networks.

What kind of existence is an Awakened Being? Many of the participants gathered here must have been wondering about this. Finally, and for the very first time, they are about to meet Shri Mahayogi, so they eagerly await his arrival and the room fills with curiosity. A mixture of excitement and nervousness prevails in the atmosphere.

At 7:45pm, Shri Mahayogi enters the room. In silence, everyone gazes upon him. Even before he begins to speak, some become teary and overwhelmed by the beauty of his form and the prana emanating from him. Prasadini offers the opening statement, with joy and with great emotion.

Prasadini: Shri Mahayogi, thank you very much for coming to Taiwan. I have been waiting for this day.

There are so many people who are participating in Satsangha for the first time, so I’d like to explain to everyone what it is.

Satsangha is an occasion, which has long been preserved in India, in which a Guru who has realized the Truth answers the questions of those who are seeking the Truth. It is the main form through which Shri Mahayogi has been guiding seekers for the past 40 years. I am so fortunate to have met Shri Mahayogi a few years ago by such a mysterious, serendipitous chance. Since then, I have always hoped for the people in Taiwan to be able to meet Shri Mahayogi, and I have asked him many times to come to Taiwan. So this time, finally, it has come to fruition. This is an opportunity to ask questions to an unparalleled and rare Holy Being, so please cherish this time, and do not hesitate to ask questions.

After Prasadini’s introduction, Shri Mahayogi smiles and greets everyone saying, “How do you do?”.

As soon as Shri Mahayogi ends his greeting, a woman immediately raises her hand, as if she has been waiting for this moment, and the inquiries begin at once.

The Truth of God

Ms. May: Everything is created by God. Why did God create everything? There is so much confusion in this world. However, we have to return back to the Creator. What does that mean?

MASTER: That is exactly so. We must know the Truth of the real God. What is God? Let’s set that question aside for now and ask ourselves: “What is the truth of everyone’s Self? What is everyone’s true Self? What is the real ‘I’?” Each person’s mind differs, respectively. The cause of those differences is that each individual’s experience is different. But there is a consciousness that is deep within, that sees the mind. It is the consciousness that knows the mind. Because it is not the mind, it does not say anything. However, the mind is seen by this Pure Consciousness. This Pure Consciousness—that is your true Self. It is the same within everyone, and it is the essence of all that is in and of the universe, and of everything. The existence called God, is nothing other than that Existence. That is to say, God has manifested as everything. The essence of the universe, all of creation, is that which is called God. God is perfect, pure, free, and God is bliss. There is no possible way that God can make a mistake.

Then why do we have various sufferings and sadness in this world? They come from the various desires of people’s minds, and their cause is ignorance. If you have studied Yoga in part, then you understand that various desires are born out of this ignorance, and they turn into what is called karma. This issue has been present for millennia, everywhere across the world. You cannot delegate this huge issue to something above the clouds—that may only be acceptable as a means of appeasing small children. In India, there has been a deep and prolonged initiative to resolve this issue. After great effort, seekers realized the Truth. This state of realization, Satori, was called Yoga. And the teachings, methods, and disciplines to reach that Satori, are also called Yoga. Asana, which you all are already familiar with, is but one small segment of this vast system of Yoga. The main purpose of Yoga is to control the mind, and acquire a tranquil, free state—because our original essence is Freedom and Bliss.

If I may add one more point, that existence of Truth is immortal. It was never born and will never die. You are That.

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The Blueprint of Life

Ms. Pei Ling: Right now, we are all seeking the Truth. Nevertheless, I’m getting older. Once I met an elementary school-aged child, but this child was affected by the parents getting divorced when this child was very young, and then growing up in a negative environment. When one is born, one has his or her own fate. So, is being born a coincidence or karma? How can this child progress forward?

MASTER: Even if you are siblings, or even twins who share the same parents, the circumstances of each person’s life are different. That is because each person has a different blueprint for his or her life. The causes [of this blueprint] have to be found in past lives. We in the East understand the concept of reincarnation to a certain extent, but it is not an easy concept to accept in Christian countries. It is because, although Jesus taught reincarnation, the church later eliminated that teaching. However, this concept of reincarnation is accepted without a doubt, even by the Buddha, Shakyamuni. Furthermore, in order to understand the issue of karma, one must consider the past life that came before this lifetime, as well as the past lives from even further back. Everything in this world is based on cause and effect. Being born and dying are all cause and effect. So, because you were born, you can find a cause for it. That is karma. You are born to fulfill what needs to be fulfilled from your past lives. There are major factors that are determined at that time. Where you are born—that is, the circumstances of life. And longevity, as well as various fortunes and misfortunes that you experience in life. These were already created as causes, so that is why you were born this time around. It’s like the words of Shakyamuni, “Everything is suffering”—this is the teaching of Truth. As long as there is karma and ignorance, suffering comes as the result of these. No one wants to suffer. If you want to eliminate suffering, then you must eliminate ignorance. By doing so, karma disappears, and suffering disappears.

Going back to the example of the child that you mentioned, it is inevitable that this child was born into those circumstances. However, if you, who have serendipitously encountered this child, can be close to this child, you can bring him or her great help and support. (speaking gently) Please acquaint this child with the teaching of Truth.

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Awaken to the Pure Consciousness

Ms. Pei Ling: When seeking the nature of the Self that is within, “Who am I?”, how do we seek for the “I”?

MASTER: The word “I” is always the first person for everyone. However, when it comes to “I,” people’s understanding of “I” is often erroneous because circumstances or situations are added to their idea of “I.” “I’m a man,” “I’m a woman,” “I’m wise,” or, “I’m normal,” (laughing) are completely irrelevant. “I” is “I.” Once you take away the various things like that that are stuck to it, then what remains? Only Consciousness. The Consciousness that is conscious of “I” is the “I.” As a proof, look at your mind right now. Everyone, isn’t your mind known by the Consciousness? The mind is being seen (Shri Mahayogi and everyone laugh)…by Consciousness. However, in this world, the mind very easily becomes active and gets entangled with that Pure Consciousness. That leads to losing sight of the true Self, and it causes confusion and suffering. In other words, one loses sight of God. Therefore, through the study of the Truth of Yoga, through introspection of the mind, and through correcting and eliminating the mistakes, Truth is realized. At that time, all suffering, anxiety, and confusion end. Because that Existence already exists right here, right now. You only need to wake up to that Consciousness! Until then, everyone is dreaming. I came here to wake everyone up. (Shri Mahayogi and everyone laugh.)

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The Origin of All Things

Mr. Yu Lin: Currently, I’m involved in creating a science fiction movie. I think that I can understand somewhat that the universe is energy and that consciousness is energy, but why does “time” equal energy as well?

MASTER: I will introduce a little bit of the way Yoga views it. Originally, in the beginning, there was only the existence of Truth. At this time, there was nothing, not even the universe yet. That Existence is formless. However, as Existence (with emphasis) it exists. This Existence developed and manifested into things with form. At that time, with the vibration of this source, time and space were born. That is the origin of the universe. And in the view of Yoga, that ingredient that the universe is made of, is considered to have appeared along with the cosmic energy. That is the beginning of the universe, and the beginning of time and space. That energy is called prana. In Chinese, it is called chi, right? (Participants smile at Shri Mahayogi using a Chinese word.)

The nameless is the origin of the universe; the names are the beginning of all things.1 This is all about the Tao—these are the words of Lao Tzu. (Some participants are surprised to hear this and exclaim, is he saying words from the Tao?) It is exactly the same.

(Throughout these first several questions and answers, Shri Mahayogi’s tranquility and warm smile seem to be saturating the participants. And probably, that is what erases all the tension in the audience—the participants are gradually feeling closer to Shri Mahayogi and are being drawn into his words.)

Mr. Wei Yu: Is it a coincidence that human beings are on this Earth? According to modern science, through the Big Bang, the universe was born, and then the earth was born and all things were born. Animals then evolved into human beings. According to science, it’s all coincidence. But according to religion, if reincarnation is true, then this is not coincidence. What does Shri Mahayogi think about this?

MASTER: Of course, I also accept science. Science is about discovering and clarifying causes and effects. The aforementioned evolution moves forward based on cause and effect. Therefore, the Big Bang, the beginning of the universe, which was discovered and explained by modern science, must be so. However, before the Big Bang, there were no forms. The Big Bang did not arise from nothingness; although it did not have form yet, it laid dormant as energy. But in time, it manifested into the form of the Big Bang, and has developed into what it is currently. In time, this universe will go extinct. It will become latent, in the formless condition. And eventually, beyond what we can imagine as the end of time, the Big Bang will occur again. [In the view of Yoga,] just as everything cycles between birth and death, the universe will also repeat the cycle of birth and death.

Mr. Wei Yu: So the Master accepts modern science, too. The modern science I mentioned refers to the period of about the past one or two hundred years, but Yoga has a history of thousands of years. I suppose that the ancient people may not have known the Big Bang, so how did they see the universe as they continued the practice of seeking the Truth? How did they discover the Big Bang in their own way? What I want to ask is, if we are here by coincidence or not.

MASTER: No, this too [was no exception], they found it through the concept that I mentioned earlier, that if there is a result in the present, then there must be a cause. Indeed, Yoga is something ancient, and it is said to date back four to five thousand years. They may not have used the same words as modern science, but most everything was understood using the ancient words of science. These were not mere intellectual understandings. Through meditation, or rather, it can be called something like a spiritual intuition, they knew the secret of the universe. As for modern western science, its history is still in its infancy. Even psychology understands no more than a little bit of the mind’s subliminal consciousness. As science develops further, it will rediscover much of what was discovered by ancient science.


1 Paraphrase of Lao Tzu’s original words on the Tao: “The Nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth; and the Named is the mother of all things.”

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The Study, Training and Practice of Yoga; Guru

Mr. Tony: I would like to ask, how can we get out of our own various emotions? We already have various ignorance, attachment, and karma. For example, when we encounter something and fall into negative emotions, even though we have some kind of knowledge, it isn’t that helpful. At these moments, often we are alone and there is no one else to support us. So, then how do we get out of negative emotions?

MASTER: That is when the power of Yoga demonstrates its effectiveness. Everyone is suffering as a result of letting the mind get confused by emotions. The cause of this is created through one’s past experiences. Here, try to create new, positive causes. That is, learn the Truth. Then practice some disciplines. The mind will transform for sure.

Mr. Tony: I know that we need to practice habitually, but the thing is, I am already in that situation.

MASTER: Emotional and angry people often get heart disease. People who worry or are anxious often get digestive problems. This has already been proven in modern science. If you study the Truth of Yoga, and practice some asana and meditation, then the mind will definitely transform for the better. Please just put it into action. (laughs) Yoga requires action; it does not work unless you put it into action. (admonishing gently) It would be easy if everything could be solved through intellectual understanding, but, that is impossible. However, the more Yoga you learn, the more your mind will surely become lighter and more joyful (smiles gently).

(Immediately afterwards, two or three people raise their hands at the same time, and they all look at each other and laugh. Prasadini calls out one woman’s name and invites her to ask a question.)

Ms. Jia Qi: As I practice, I understand the need for a guru, but how do we find a guru? Does a guru appear when one is ready?

MASTER: Yes. If you are seriously thinking about realizing the Truth, that becomes the preparation, and then the guru appears.

Mr. Luke: This may be a little rude, but the reason I came today is because I saw the flyer and found out that you attained Enlightenment when you were eight years old. When I was eight years old, I didn’t even know how to spell the first letter of samadhi. (Everyone laughs.) I cannot imagine becoming enlightened at eight, so how did this eight-year-old kid see the world? From your perspective, was everything pure?

MASTER: Yes, that is how the Essence is. However, the world looks as if there is a cloud or a mist covering it.

Mr. Luke: For example, I have little clouds over me, but the person next to me has lots of clouds? (laughs)

MASTER: Yes. (Everyone laughs out loud.)

Mr. Luke: Even if only a little bit, will you please get rid of the cloud on top of me? (Everyone breaks out into explosive laughter.)

MASTER: (as he laughs) Yes. There is no such thing as clouds to begin with. Often, they are called illusions or dreams. It is very mysterious [why such illusions or dreams seem to exist], but this is also called maya, the power of the Goddess. This word means that the Goddess hides the Truth and enjoys herself by playing. But then, if that is the case, it will all be suffering—so this is a game that is played, where one person here or there can escape from the game, eventually taking everyone out to freedom. This is an analogy. In fact, everyone is already Light itself.

Mr. Luke: (full of curiosity) Then, when that happened at the age of eight, how did you know that you were in Samadhi?

MASTER: Only that Existence, and the Consciousness that knows the Existence, existed. And that is the only Reality. I clearly realized it.

Mr. Luke: Were you meditating at the time?

MASTER: No, it happened suddenly.

Mr. Luke: (very surprised) You weren’t meditating?! Were you walking?

MASTER: No, it was before falling asleep. At that time, I did not even know the words Yoga or meditation. However, even for children who don’t know anything, Truth can be realized.

Ms. Ying Zhen: In our relationships with people, there are parts that are good, but we might also get hurt. I would like to ask about this. According to Yoga, how should we practice around this?

MASTER: One of the truly difficult things about living in society is the relationships we have with other people, at home as well as at work. As I said earlier, this is due to individual karma, everyone’s likes and dislikes, and various thoughts, which are all different. So it is best not to get too deeply involved. Don’t get attached, and carry on simply.

Mr. Ying Zhen: Does it mean not even thinking about what I’m giving to them, or what I’m receiving from them?

MASTER: Right, that is better. Either way shows that you are expecting something. That becomes attachment.

(As she hears his words, she sinks into deep thought as if to digest the meaning.)

Ms. Kai Li: I deeply feel both happiness and unhappiness. Is that because my ignorance is so big? Or is it because I have a lot of karma that I must eliminate through practicing disciplines?

MASTER: Yes. If you do so, true Happiness will come.

Ms. Kai Li: So then it’s not related to ignorance?

MASTER: It is related to ignorance—because you can eliminate ignorance through learning the Truth, through learning Yoga.

Ms. Kai Li: If I don’t have ignorance, then I won’t strongly feel happiness or suffering?

MASTER: Precisely.

Ms. Kai Li: As I’ve studied Yoga, there is one phrase that has left a big impression on me. That is, we have to know where we go after we die. (Shri Mahayogi: That is so.) I still don’t know the answer to that. What is the answer?

MASTER: Where do people go when they die? They go to the world that their minds are attached to. Then, if there is leftover karma, one is born again into this world to reconcile that karma. If we compare reincarnation to this life, today is this lifetime, yesterday is your past life, and tomorrow is your future incarnation. In between, you fall asleep and dream. It’s like that. When one dies, one goes to a dream world for a little while, then comes back to the next incarnation, which is called tomorrow.

Ms. Kai Li: What can I do to help people who are approaching death, so that they can have a better incarnation in the future?

MASTER: The best way is for them to have faith. It does not matter which faith—towards God or Buddha.

Mr. Wei Hang: Earlier, there was a discussion about our own emotions. Should we control not only negative emotions, but positive ones, such as happiness?

MASTER: The fluctuation of emotions is an expression of the result of the condition of the mind, so if the mind transforms, then thinking transforms as well.

Ms. Wan Zhen: During asana, what I think about is the relationship between myself and my body. What I learned in asana class is about the breath, and feeling my body, and also that I must respect and discipline my body. Yet, if there is something wrong with the body, then I also feel down. So, what is the relationship between me and my body?

MASTER: The essence of “I” is immortal Existence. It has neither form nor name. However, only That exists as Reality—because it is the Eternal Existence. But when It manifests into this world, into the cosmos and all things, it requires a form. So, then many forms are born, and the body and mind are born, because they are necessary. So it is to be understood that the body is a servant of the true Master, or a tool. Same with the mind. The mind is also a servant or a tool of the true Master. In order to work well, a tool or a servant must not be neglected and must always be well-taken care of.

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The Level of Earnest Seriousness Needed to Seek the Truth

Ms. Yue De: How do we deal with laziness?

MASTER: It is a type of habit. Create a new habit! It could be, come to class every day, (everyone laughs) and try to hang out [or have tea with] with your Yoga comrades. That should solve the problem. (Everyone laughs.)

Ms. Cheng Shu: Earlier, you mentioned attaining the Truth, but when you attain the Truth, can you lose it again?

MASTER: (strong emphasis) You will never, ever lose it again.

Ms. Cheng Shu: Why?

MASTER: It is often referred to as Awakening. Awakeness—Realization. (Audience mutters understanding and agreement.) In the morning, once people wake up, they don’t need to go back to sleep.

Ms. Jia Pei: If I find the Truth, does that mean I have eliminated my sanskara?

MASTER: Yes. Sanskara have disappeared.

Ms. Jia Pei: Then, one will no longer reincarnate again?

MASTER: It will no longer happen.

Ms. Jia Pei: What kind of people have an easier time finding Truth?

MASTER: (thinks a little) It’s possible for everyone. Indeed, it is necessary to seriously face various experiences in life. Then one must have the strong yearning for seeking what is real. Then, definitely, you will reach the real, Real Truth.

Ms. Jia Pei: What should I do when there are things I don’t want to do?

MASTER: If it is necessary, then you must do it. If it’s unnecessary, you don’t have to do it.

Ms. Jia Pei: I can decide for myself?

MASTER: Base your decision on the Truth. (Everyone laughs.)

Ms. Xing Yun: How can I find my faith?

MASTER: Seek passionately.

Ms. Xing Yun: How do I elevate my passion?

MASTER: Everyone has experienced dissatisfaction and anxiety in life. Regardless, Freedom and true Happiness, untainted by these things, do exist. Simply, seek that ardently. There are many hints for that in the teachings of Yoga. Probably, the senior Yoga students here have experienced this to a certain extent and can teach you. Don’t give up. (encouragingly) You can definitely find it.

Seek, and you shall find.

Ms. Emily: In Yoga, what is the stance on having children and raising them? I really want children but don’t have them yet. Is that attachment? What should I do?

MASTER: This world is a cycle of all kinds of things being born again and again, so it is natural for anyone to want to have children. (She hears Shri Mahayogi’s words, and starts to shed tears as if something became untangled in her mind.) However, raise them without having attachment toward them. In the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient scripture, there is a question asked: “What happens when a person learns Yoga but doesn’t perfect it in this lifetime?” God, Lord Krishna, answered, “Their efforts will not be in vain. He or she will be born again to an eminent practitioner of Yoga.” The more you deepen your Yoga, the more wonderful the children you will beget.

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Ignorance That Covers the Truth and the Control of the Mind

Mr. Tony: Today we learned so many things. One thing I still don’t quite understand is, during the time we are actually in asana, for example, in poses like headstand, what to think about or how to understand things like karma and seeking the Truth. I think of asana as a mere exercise of the body.

MASTER: Then I will explain this simply so you can understand. Truth already (with emphasis) exists as your essence. (Shri Mahayogi raises his voice gradually and speaks with force.) Yet no one knows it. Why? Because the mind is active, and therefore covers the Truth. Especially ignorance—that is, not knowing the Truth—not only that, but thinking falsely, such as mistakenly thinking that the world is eternal and that you are happy; this is ignorance. Meanwhile, in Yoga, it was observed that there is a connection between the mind and the breath. When one is excited, the breath is irregular and heavy. When the mind is calm, the breath is quite stable. However, the mind is an autonomous function, so it is difficult to control it. The mind is like the wind. It is hard to catch it. The breath is like water. You need a vessel to catch it. The body is the vessel. Asana mainly heals imbalances in the body and restores the body back to a healthy and comfortable state. Furthermore, it creates a body that is worthy as a vessel of prana, chi. If the breath transforms, the mind transforms. Therefore, asana is the concrete method to control the mind, which is abstract and hard to grasp.

(Questions and answers continue on without interruption, and the participants are earnestly listening, forgetting the passing of time. Everyone deeply craves for more words of Truth, which brim from Shri Mahayogi, but the time of maya is approaching.)

MASTER: Today, the time is up so soon. But, I am so truly happy to have met everyone here. I think I was able to respond to your very earnest questions. From now on, I’d like to do whatever I can [to help], and to return again and again.

(When everyone hears this, they seem to become elated.)

Prasadini: Thank you very much. I am so grateful to be able to meet Shri Mahayogi in Taipei. And we would like so very much to invite Shri Mahayogi here again. Thank you very much.

MASTER: I look forward to seeing you again!

(Everyone stands up and puts their palms together, continuing to gaze upon Shri Mahayogi’s form.)

The Satsangha was a very active one, with a variety of topics covered. Participants all made contact with the climax of Yoga for the very first time, and became very elevated. The flame of passion towards Truth, which had lain dormant within them, must have been lit up by Shri Mahayogi, burning brighter and brighter.

Satsangha in Taipei has just begun. It will continue on after this first day. Many souls are out there eagerly waiting to meet with Shri Mahayogi and receive guidance.


Here are some words of joy taken from the survey that participants filled out at the end of the Satsangha.

“I was so moved to meet an Awakened Being.”

“The time passed so quickly, there wasn’t enough time!”

“I loved Shri Mahayogi’s smile and look.”

“My confusion and doubts were suddenly eliminated.”

“I am so awed by Shri Mahayogi’s style and approach. Shri Mahayogi’s analogies are very easy to understand.”

“I felt as if I saw the light today from very deep within the darkness.”

“Before, I wasn’t sure why a guru would be needed. But when I met Shri Mahayogi, and after attending two Satsangha, my doubts have disappeared. I now believe that a guru is necessary. If there was no guru, how can I receive answers to my mountains of questions and worries? Shri Mahayogi can provide them! Finally, I met him. My power is limited. I am so grateful for having an existence like Shri Mahayogi who can help everyone around me.”

“I was so moved. I felt Shri Mahayogi’s kindness, unshakeableness, and love.”

“Shri Mahayogi has such deep compassion. He is so calm, and his demeanor is filled with love. It was wonderful that people who love Truth gathered together.”

“I felt that a holy being is always in a state of joy, filled with positive energy, and is not fettered by anything.”

“I am grateful for your Satori. The Master’s thorough answers sank deeply into everyone’s minds.”

“Shri Mahayogi, thank you for your revelations and answers. From your words and actions, I deeply felt the compassion and wisdom of a Knower. Because of you, I felt the importance of seeking the Truth. Thank you so very much. I loved the Master’s simple, direct, and deep teachings.”

“Won’t you please come back to Taiwan soon? Won’t you please give us blessings? If you grant us that, our meditation can progress more. It may sound like a child asking his father for more candy, but if we meet Shri Mahayogi again, even though the time that we may spend together be only for a short period of time, the joy will continue and this will encourage us to grow.”

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Testimonies from Actual Practitioners:


A Gift for Taiwan

by Prasadini, July 2017

I could not contain myself at the thought that Shri Mahayogi would visit Taiwan so soon.

Looking back, when I first told Shri Mahayogi that I’d like to invite him, it was November 2014. At the time, actually, I didn’t think about it very deeply—my thought was simply that because his teaching is so powerful, if Shri Mahayogi were to come to Taiwan, he would bring a positive effect to everyone. After two and a half years had passed since then, with the blessing of Shri Mahayogi and the generous support of the senior disciples in Kyoto, at last we were finally prepared and able to invite our most beloved Master to Taipei. I am filled with gratitude.

On May 10, 2017, Shri Mahayogi set foot in Taiwan for the very first time and stayed until May 16. During his stay he granted us with four Satsangha in Taipei.

In Taiwan, the second weekend of May is Mother’s Day, which is a day that is very important for many people. The whole week is always filled with a celebratory mood, and many people return to their homes to spend time with their mothers and families. However, for those eagerly awaiting Shri Mahayogi’s arrival, it had an even more special meaning. It was as if a wandering orphan would finally have the chance to meet her spiritual father.

In order to prepare for the welcoming of Shri Mahayogi, eleven staff members gathered. More than half the staff had not yet met Shri Mahayogi. These staff members, while they had continuously been attending the regular asana classes and studying the Mission’s publications, started to really be drawn to the teaching of Shri Mahayogi when Mirabai came to visit and lead some programs, and the flames of their passion for meeting him were stoked. Through their participation in the preparations for welcoming Shri Mahayogi, through actually doing this work, they have been trying to understand and acquire the teachings with their whole being. We are convinced that this is a blessing from Shri Mahayogi. The staff members are strongly motivated, and they are gradually more able to act simply for the benefit of others, as well as to do their best without attachment. Through these special Satsangha, I truly sense the growth of Taiwan’s sangha.

Various people attended the four Satsangha. There were regular attendees from the asana class and [scripture] reading groups, as well as people who had only attended the class once or twice. There were people who attended Mirabai’s Satsangha and Bhakti Sangham1 program, as well as entirely new people who had been referred by friends. Participants asked various questions, but I think the central theme of these questions could be summed up as, “How should people live in this world?” Individual conditions and situations may be different, and the challenges seem to be different as well, but everyone has the same deep yearning for Freedom and Happiness. So, then how can we reach Bliss and true Freedom? Through Shri Mahayogi’s answers, we were all able to pinpoint the central issue within, the most important issue in our lives. While listening to Shri Mahayogi’s words, everyone’s expression softened and everyone’s eyes were beaming with shining light. Not many participants may realize this fully, but everyone definitely took their first step towards the Truth. It was a historical turning point. As Shri Mahayogi mentioned, if everyone in the world were to study Yoga, the world would become even more beautiful. Even though it was his first visit to Taiwan, Shri Mahayogi sowed the seeds for seeking the Truth into the hearts of over one hundred people at once. I cannot imagine how grand the scale is of what Shri Mahayogi is doing. I have no idea what the great impact of the transformation he brings about will be.

One time, a senior disciple advised me, “While Shri Mahayogi stays in Taiwan, please keep your eyes fixed only upon Shri Mahayogi.” I bore this in mind throughout his stay and carefully and deeply observed Shri Mahayogi’s each and every move and look.

In Satsangha, Shri Mahayogi blew away everyone’s doubts and anxieties with words that brimmed with the Truth. Then, he led everyone in the direction of Truth, with a gentle yet unshakable attitude, full of humor. This was not only true about his words but even in moments when he was not speaking. Shri Mahayogi’s existence has the mysterious power to transform people’s minds. Once I heard another senior disciple say, “Shri Mahayogi’s entire body is a manifestation of the Truth itself. Even his pinky finger.” At the time, I thought it was like an expression of a fan’s admiration towards a superstar. But the fact is, not only did Shri Mahayogi always respond meticulously to people’s requests, there were times when he gave them a gentle look and smile, and other times when he would give them an unshakeable, austere and crisp attitude. Shri Mahayogi is truly here for all of us! I was deeply moved by observing the way Shri Mahayogi is.

Shri Mahayogi always teaches us that the Truth is not at all something abstract, rather, it exists within all things, even within ourselves. When I saw that Shri Mahayogi exists completely for the benefit of others, I began to understand that a little bit. That is exactly the meaning of, “even his pinky finger is a manifestation of the Truth”!

The duty of a disciple is to humbly learn, and to eventually reach the state of Truth that the Guru shows, and become a representative of the Guru to disseminate the Eternal Truth. That is truly the path upon which I would like to proceed. That desire grew even stronger after Shri Mahayogi’s visit to Taiwan. I don’t know yet concretely what needs to be done, but I want to become a better tool for Shri Mahayogi and march onward towards the Truth, hand in hand with my fellow gurubai, by diligently nurturing the sangha and the gurubai, and by supporting those who are interested in the Truth. I truly want to live for others completely, just like Shri Mahayogi does.

This historic visit ended in an atmosphere filled with joy and gratitude. However, for those of us living in Taiwan, this is just the beginning. I still have not fully realized the significance of Shri Mahayogi’s first visit to Taiwan, but I felt that the first steps that the participants took towards the Truth, the growth of Taiwan’s sangha, and the passion that burns within me, are all precious gifts from Shri Mahayogi. I would like to continue to make a sincere effort, while cherishing this gift! I am deeply grateful for Shri Mahyogi always guiding me with deep compassion. Om Tat Sat Om.


Here are the words of the gurubai from Taiwan who served as staff. They have sent their messages about finally being able to meet Shri Mahayogi in person.

Ms. Pan Pan: For the last three years, I kept believing that Shri Mahayogi would eventually come to Taiwan. It finally came to fruition. From being able to meet Shri Mahayogi himself, and to receive guidance from him, I felt an unprecedented sense of relief and joy, as if my mind was finally freed from imprisonment. I cannot describe with words the calm state of mind that has continued since then. I believe that if I continue to follow and practice the teachings of Shri Mahayogi by putting them into action, then I will eventually be able to continuously reside in that tranquility.

Radha: I was always searching for something. When I met Shri Mahayogi, I suddenly realized, I was looking for “True Love”! Since then, the world that I myself had created, gradually crumbled. Shri Mahayogi guides me as if he is leading me by the hand. He recreated my mind together with me. I was deeply drawn to Shri Mahayogi, I fell in love, and I am filled with the love bestowed upon me by Shri Mahayogi. Just as Shri Mahayogi gives, I would like to repay Shri Mahayogi. I will continue to exert my effort to see Shri Mahayogi’s smile.

Ms. Tsu Yi: Since I met Shri Mahayogi, I am starting to be able to practice in daily life little by little. For example, from cleaning the house, to even facing my troublesome emotions. Just like Shri Mahayogi, I hope to be able to live for others rather than for myself.

Mr. Sou: It was a great experience to work together with gurubai for Shri Mahayogi’s visit to Taiwan. I was touched to see the senior disciples concentrating on the work, and to be able to complete the work together with everyone. I am still deluded by various joys and sufferings of the world, but I believe that eventually I will be able to think, “Yoga is so fascinating! So much more fun!” just like Shri Mahayogi says.

Ms. Ayano: I went to Kyoto in April, and saw and admired that the senior disciples there rendered their efforts completely for the sangha. I wished that I could become like that. Through Shri Mahayogi’s visit to Taiwan, I felt that I’ve come closer to feeling what those senior disciples feel. To smile for the participants, to introduce publications, to prepare Shri Mahayogi’s podium—How enjoyable it all was! It was joy that arose deep from within my heart. I hope to exert every possible effort for sangha, and to be able to feel this more.

Ms. Shu Shu: When I heard the words, “‘I’ am ‘I’,” from Shri Mahayogi, I was shocked. Although during daily life, sometimes the mind complains, as Shri Mahayogi says, regardless of what situation or what challenges one is facing, ‘I’ am ‘I’—never-changing. I understood that Everything was due to my arrogance. Afterwards, in work and life, I became calmer. Even if I throw away the “me,” I am still “I.”

Ms. Lily: I understand that Shri Mahayogi is compassion itself, judgment free, and Truth itself—even so, I had various skepticisms before meeting him. It was because I feared that I could not hide from Shri Mahayogi the part of myself that I haven’t faced. But when I actually met Shri Mahayogi, the nervousness disappeared completely. I am filled with overwhelming emotion and gratitude. Shri Mahayogi has proven that the Truth is in front of our eyes. Truth is always with us, and it’s not something that will come from somewhere else, or depart from us. What we must do is realize It.

Marula: Since I first met Shri Mahayogi, I made a determination to go to Kyoto more often. However, through Shri Mahayogi’s visit to Taiwan, my goal changed to, “Have Shri Mahayogi visit Taiwan more often.” That is because I saw how the people of Taiwan were moved by Shri Mahayogi’s encouragements. I want to turn Taiwan’s sangha into a powerful magnet, and attract many more seekers of Truth, so that we can attract Shri Mahayogi to Taiwan more.

Priya: It was so beautiful that the Taiwanese gurubai worked single-heartedly for Shri Mahayogi. Eventually, an indescribable joy sprang forth and I was immersed in it. There is no longer anything else I want to do. If I can be even of a little use to the sangha or to Shri Mahayogi’s Mission, then I’ll do anything! I will continue to act, fixing my eyes only on Shri Mahayogi, and only seeking Shri Mahayogi.


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