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Important Note: First-time Pranavadipa subscriptions require a WordPress account.

Have a WordPress account? Follow steps 4-8 using your same email address to subscribe.
Do not have a WordPress account? Create one using any current email address, then use it to subscribe.

Step-By-Step Guidance: Create an account, subscribe, and log in:

Step 1 
Create an account on WordPress
Use any current email address to create your account for WordPress and Pranavadipa

Step 2 
Ignore the request for creating a website
When WordPress asks “What kind of site are you building?”
Close the page

Step 3 
Check for an email from WordPress
Click CONFIRM to confirm your account

Step 4 
Go to Subscribe page on Pranavadipa
Click Buy Now

Step 5
Input payment details
Use the same email address as your WordPress account
No need to create a password for PayPal.

Step 6 
Login using your WordPress account.

No need to interact further with WordPress pages
You are now logged in, close the page

You are now logged in through WordPress

Step 7
Access the Content
Go to the Current Volumes content page
Click on Volumes to read the content

You will remain logged in until you manually log out

Step 8
To skip the WordPress login step
Go to My Account page
Set a new Pranavadipa password

We will get back to you within 2 days

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